Root canal

Experiencing throbbing pain in your teeth when eating or drinking?

Root canal treatment is designed to remove the dead nerve and eliminate bacteria from inside the infected tooth. Preventing reinfection and saving the natural tooth rather than extracting it, when undergoing a root canal, the dead nerve is removed, the inside of the tooth is carefully cleaned and disinfected, then completely filled and sealed.

Why it matters:

Imagine resolving the pain you’re putting up with by the first appointment! With our latest technology and modern techniques, our root therapy procedure can be performed quite comfortably under anesthetic, with a painless process that’s similar to placing a white filling.

By placing a crown over the tooth once the root canal has been completed, you can ensure your teeth are structurally braced, seeing improvements in chewing function, biting and sensation, your natural appearance and further protecting your teeth from further wear and tear.

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