Emergency dental

Experiencing dental pain (broken teeth/crowns/fillings/dying nerve), gum infections, facial swellings, TMJ jaw-related pain, dental trauma from falls/accidents or other?

At Kalo Dental we cater to emergency types of dental treatment. 

What to expect:

1 st george dentist (1)
Meet and greet

We’ll get to know you as the patient and get up to speed on any relevant medical information.

2 st george dentist (1)

Here we’ll check inside the mouth and out (looking for any signs of decay, gum disease, lumps, bumps or growth, cracks, cavities, potential conditions that may flare undiagnosed issues).

3 st george dentist (1)
Service required or referral

To stabilise your pain and/or condition, clinical fillings, extractions and root canal therapies are performed onsite with our state-of-the-art technologies and latest evidence-based techniques. We also have a strong and well-developed referral network, should you need a referral to a specialist.

4 st george dentist
Oral hygiene tips + digital scans if required

You’ll walk away with an understanding on the next steps and an overview of the results of any photographs, digital colour model scans, or digital X-rays undertaken.

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