Experiencing pain or tooth sensitivity?

A filling can be required when your tooth has a cavity/hole, a chip, a crack, or where a previous older filling is leaking and is nearing its life expectancy. 

At Kalo Dental we can diagnose this clinically at your regular check-up and clean and offer the latest in white filling technology nd techniques, using only premium grade materials to help restore the decaying tooth to its original function.

What to expect:

1 st george dentist (1)
Meet and greet

We’ll get to know you as the patient and get up to speed on any relevant medical information.

2 st george dentist (1)

Here we’ll check inside the mouth and out (looking for any signs of cavities, gum disease, swellings or cracks. We may also further use our Itero scanner to illuminate the tooth to assess for cracks, or take a digital X-ray to check the depth of the cavity.

3 st george dentist (1)
White filling colour matching

Once the cavity is diagnosed, we will perform a tooth colour selection, matching the composite resins to the natural colour of your teeth.

4 st george dentist
White filling moulding

The resins are then moulded/adapted to the shape of the tooth to restore the missing part of the tooth, quite fittingly and without discomfort. The filling is then polished for smoothness and shine.

5 st george dentist
Oral hygiene tips + digital scans if required

You’ll walk away with an understanding on the next steps and an overview of the results of any photographs, digital colour model scans, or digital X-rays undertaken.

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