Inlays and onlays

Sometimes also referred to as ceramic fillings for Cracked Tooth Syndrome. 

Been told you have cracked tooth syndrome or that the size of your cavity is too big for the tooth? Or perhaps an existing filling has begun failing/leaking?

Every time your filling is replaced, or decay is removed the cavity size becomes larger and the amount of natural tooth to support a regular filling is compromised. This is where the insertion of a “Lego-style” ceramic or gold alloy filling, that is cemented into the tooth, can be used to restore the original shape and colour carefully.

The difference between an inlay and onlay refers to how much coverage is required by the filling.

Why it matters?

The benefit of an inlay or ceramic filling is that much less of the natural tooth needs to be removed when compared to a crown, meaning more of your tooth is saved, it costs less, and is a long-term fixed option. The reason this service is so critical is to ensure no food or bacteria sits in any created cavities and to prevent the start of decay.

What to expect:

1 st george dentist (1)
Meet and greet

We’ll get to know you as the patient and get up to speed on any relevant medical information.

2 st george dentist (1)

Here we’ll check inside the mouth and out (looking for any signs of decay, gum disease, lumps, bumps or growth, cracks, cavities, potential conditions that may flare undiagnosed issues).

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Digital impressions and insertion

If it is suspected that an inlay or onlay is required then digital impressions of the cavity are scanned and sent to the dental laboratory where a dental technician makes a “Lego-style” ceramic or gold alloy filling, which is then cemented into the tooth at a subsequent appointment to restore the original shape and colour carefully.

4 st george dentist
Oral hygiene tips + digital scans if required

You’ll walk away with an understanding on the next steps and an overview of the results of any photographs, digital colour model scans, or digital X-rays undertaken.

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