In-house x-ray

Need to have your wisdom teeth x-rayed? Grinding your teeth or have suspected jaw development issues?

At Kalo Dental you can experience state-of-the-art digital X-ray systems that capture internal (inside the mouth) and external (whole face scans) 3D impressions.

With TV overheads that allow you to watch the scan in process, you can also rest assured that we have the highest grade of technology and sterilisation procedure machines fitted throughout our practice.

What is OPG?

An OPG (Orthopantomagram) is often used as a wide panoramic snapshot of the jaws and surrounding vital structures.

For adults we can assess, cavities, infections, bone sites for implants, wisdom teeth and surrounding anatomy.

It also helps to assess the airways, growth, development and prescence of adult teeth in a child’s jaw.

What is a 3D CT?

Dental cone beam computed tomography (CT) captures 3D impressions of your teeth, bone, jaw, nerves and soft tissue for a more comprehensive scan of your face and the internal condition of your mouth.

These high definition Ct’s take multiple image slices to build a 3D image of a tooth or jaw. We can virtually “walk through your tooth.

What is CEPH?

Cephalometric X-rays are diagnostic radiographs that assist with orthodontic treatment planning.

These assess the skull in side profile and allow certain reference landmarks to be measured for a childs growth and development.

These technologies are the latest state of the art in dental scanning, they have a low dose of radiation when compared to traditional dental scanning and x-rays, and they are available in-house with us.

Kalo Dental has an OPG machine, 3D CT scanner and CEPT on site, and the images are produced digitally and stored in your file with all your other x-rays. The image is produced within seconds of the scan being taken and your dentist will review it with you at the end of the appointment. This can be as part of a dental check-up, or a separate appointment. These scans are just one diagnostic tool your dentist will use to ensure you maintain and prevent unnecessary dental issues.

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