Check up and cleans

A check-up and clean appointment is one of the most important parts of basic dental care.

By booking a regular check-up you get ongoing support. It allows us to compare measurable oral changes over time but also gives you a complete examination of your teeth, soft and hard parts of the mouth, as well as important outside structures of the head and neck.

Why it matters:

The gum and bone beneath the teeth are the most important part of a healthy smile. At our regular check-ups, we review gum scores, appearance and health. Cleaning away any soft plaque, external stains and hard tartar buildup, we use the latest technology in salt therapy, ultrasonics and chemical therapies to provide the most comprehensive clean.

What you get:
  • Assurance that our priority will be making sure you are at ease so we can provide you with the best possible dental treatment.
  • Treatment using the latest technology salt therapy, ultrasonics, chemical therapies and air polishing, which is gentle and more effective than traditional cleaning techniques. We can also show you a 3D colour simulation of your teeth using our 3D digital scanner. For assessing teeth below their surface, we have super high-quality, low dose dental and digital CT X-rays.

What to expect:

1 st george dentist (1)
Meet and greet

We’ll get to know you as the patient and get up to speed on any relevant medical information.

2 st george dentist (1)

Here we’ll check inside the mouth and out. Looking for any signs of cavities, gum disease, cracks, lumps, bumps or growths. Potential conditions that may flare up as an undiagnosed issue.

3 st george dentist (1)
Ultrasonic clean + air polishing

As part of our gentle dental maintenance program, we remove any hard, soft or stained build ups on your teeth.

4 st george dentist
Protective mineral fluoride treatment

We’ll apply a protectant on your teeth, that nourish tooth enamel and protects into the future.

5 st george dentist
Oral hygiene tips + digital scans +digital Xrays

You’ll walk away with an understanding on the next steps and an overview of the results of any photographs, digital colour model scans, or digital X-rays undertaken.

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